Part of the Tourist Office team went to test the rafting activity offered by Session Raft. A sensational experience that we share with you today!

From the meeting point to boarding

As soon as we arrive at Session Raft, we are welcomed in a pretty cocoon of greenery, by smiling guides. We are immediately taken care of by the one who will be our captain for this adventure: Theo. He explains the events to us, provides all the necessary equipment and lets us change in the changing rooms.

Let's go rafting!

Wetsuits, life jackets and slippers on, it's time to reach the starting point of the activity, located just 2 minutes away by car. Session Raft takes care of getting us there.

Before boarding, at the edge of the river, Théo, our guide, explains all the maneuvers and safety instructions to us. In a few minutes we became professionals in white water driving! The team splits into 2 rafts and off we go. The beginning of the course is calm enough to give us time to coordinate. It's less simple than it seems! We manage all the same to organize ourselves: “all ahead”, “right turn!”, “Rest”.

It is in harmony that we steer our boat before attacking the rapids.

Refreshing little break

Before the serious things begin, we make a stop on the bank. The goal? Learn more about our beautiful region and for the more adventurous go swimming in the river! The first part is easy, just listen to the stories about glaciers, valleys and rivers in Haute-Savoie while admiring Mont-Blanc. The second is much more sporty and only volunteers start! It's about entering the cold water, letting yourself be carried by the current and then reaching the bank by the strength of your arms. Even if the action seems impressive, it takes place in total safety because we float effortlessly and Theo, our guide, is there to help us if necessary.

Zones of turbulence here we come!

Learning period done, we go back on board our ships, ready to do battle with the small rapids. This is the moment when the strongest feelings appear and when the whole team is focused on the same objective. We link several high intensity zones with always so much pleasure. Being comfortable, Théo offers us additional exercises: standing up in the rafts, sailing upside down, standing between boats… These variants add sensations! We also have fun racing boats and splashing around.

The advantage is that the guide will adapt the outing to everyone's desires and abilities to provide the best possible experience.

Return to base and friendly meal

After more than an hour sailing between waves and rocks, we return to dry land. The Session Raft van is already waiting for us to take us back to base. We have the right to a hot shower before finding our clothes and joining all around a large table. In its cocoon of greenery, Session Raft welcomes us to its bar/small restaurant area. On the menu: fresh produce salads and homemade burgers. Guinguette atmosphere guaranteed at nightfall!

Discover rafting on the Arve with Session raft, on video

Practical information on the activity

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