Before the summer, part of the Tourist Office team tested the canyoning activity offered by the Megève Guides Office for you. We take you on an adventure with us!

Meeting point, briefing and equipment

At the beginning of the afternoon, we are welcomed in the parking lot of the Panoramic in Megève by Thierry, Simon and Alexandre from the Bureau des Guides de Megève. After the introductions, we follow each other to the start of the Belle au Bois canyoning, a few kilometers from the center of Megève.

Our team of supervisors unpacks all the equipment and briefs us. We put on, not without difficulty, our combat outfits: socks and neoprene suits, harnesses and helmets. After a few contortion exercises to put on this second-skin outfit, we're ready to go!

Take the plunge !

Our group of about ten participants sets off to the bed of the Planay River, where the activity will take place.

To get into the groove, our canyoning guides make us slide down a small slide. First on the back, then head first: we are now wet from head to toe!

We progress on foot, following the course of the water. Pay attention to the balance! You quickly realize that it is not so easy to walk in a river when you can no longer see where you are putting your feet. We step over stones, roots, trunks… until the first toboggan of the exit.

Head first, we slide carried by the current, on the stones smoothed by the water, to land a few meters further. The water is cold, but the neoprene suits and the movement keep us at a comfortable temperature.

The + of Belle au Bois canyoning

The big advantage of this canyoning trip is to be able to circumvent or repeat the various technical passages several times.

Jump in the bubbles

After the pleasures of sliding in the water, we quickly arrive at the next technical passage: our first jump! Perched on a small cliff, we have to jump into the water, located about 5 meters below our feet.

Our guides explain to us how to jump safely. All you have to do is get going! The sensations are there during the few seconds of the fall and then during the immersion in the water. A good way to work on your apprehension of the void.

We will take advantage of other jumps a little further, in particular one, between 2 fairly narrow walls. Guaranteed sensations!

Combloux Tourist Office

Rappelling under the waterfalls

Combloux Tourist Office

After having apprehended a few slides and jumps, the most technical aspect of the course presents itself to us: the abseiling.

The abseiling is carried out hooked, thanks to the harness and safety carabiners, to the rope of our guide. You then have to go down with your back to the void, your feet on the wall, gradually.

If the technique seems quite simple, the practice is not so easy once in action under the waterfall. With water, the walls are slippery and the pressure of the water is felt on the body. Keeping your feet on the wall then becomes a real challenge! Fortunately, the guides are there to assist us in case of difficulty.

It's up to you to pace the first abseil of about 7m in height. The following ones, of a more substantial height, are provided by the guides.

The 2nd encore is arguably the most memorable. This waterfall with a height of more than 25m makes more than one person in the group dizzy!

The 3rd and last abseil, that of the Belle au Bois waterfall, less impressive in size, offers a spectacular landscape on this little jewel in the heart of nature.

The canyoning ends with a toboggan, under the curious and amused eyes of the visitors, who have come to admire the Belle au Bois waterfall, via the classic access path.

Return to starting point and snack

The canyoning ends at the foot of the Belle au Bois waterfall. We must then walk back to the starting point. It takes around 10 minutes to walk!

Before leaving our new favorite outfits, it's time to take a souvenir team photo.

To end this half-day of canyoning rich in emotions, the guides offer us a little refreshment and cookies to regain strength!

We fell in love with this activity not to be missed in the Pays du Mont-Blanc!

Discover the Belle au Bois canyoning on video

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