What equipment for a mountain trail?

Now that you know the challenge that awaits you, it's time to take stock of your equipment, both for your training and for race day.

The first point to feel comfortable are the shoes and the equipment in general.

Shoes, the element not to be neglected!

You probably have a pair of sports trainers but unfortunately that won't be enough for a multi-mile run on mountain trails.

The terrain encountered on the Comblorane requires a certain grip of the sole so as not to slip and run in complete safety. Now is not the time to sprain your ankle! Opt for a pair of shoes dedicated to trail running. These have better cushioning to preserve your joints and have good grip and good support to prevent slipping.

Each person having different feet, it is important to pay attention to the size and shape of the shoe but also to the type of foot that one has. Among runners, there are different types of strides. Generally, the feet are classified into three categories: pronators, supinators or mixed. Each category corresponds to the general movement made during the stride. In any case, choose a shoe adapted to your style of running and do not hesitate to seek the opinion of an expert on the subject. 

Finally, if you are aiming for performance, it is advisable to pay attention to the criteria of lightness and dynamism!

A specialized bag to transport your equipment without hindrance

During the Comblorane and your training, you will evolve in the middle of nature. It will be necessary to provide adequate equipment to keep with you in all circumstances.

As the weather changes quickly in the mountains, always bring a fleece and a windbreaker to stay warm if the weather changes. Opt for a technical range for more comfort. Specific clothing for running is light and will keep you warm while guaranteeing optimal ventilation. These clothes will be carried in a bag so as not to disturb the race.

In general, the objective will be to be as light as possible without neglecting safety. Take on you a backpack or trail vest that will contain everything you need without weighing you down.

In this bag you can carry everything you need for your training or for the race on D-Day! The Comblorane taking place during the day, being well supervised and offering refreshments, it is possible to adapt the content.

What should you take with you?

Recommended equipment for trail running includes:

  • Water to quench your thirst and recover
  • Food to keep energy
  • Warm and dry clothes in anticipation of potential bad weather
  • A headlamp if night falls / day breaks
  • A telephone to contact the emergency services in the event of a problem
  • A first aid kit (including survival blanket, compresses, disinfectant, tweezers among others)

To this list can be added other accessories such as a GPS watch, an IGN map, telescopic poles, compression socks, sunglasses or a headband.

Compulsory equipment during the Comblorane

  • For the XL trail: Cup – Water tank (05L) – Survival blanket – Whistle – Mobile phone – Gore-Tex type technical jacket
  • For M and L trails: Cup – Mobile phone

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