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Retrouvez l’ensemble de nos activités en extérieur : ski Joëring, chiens de traineau, sur la glace, pistes de luge, paintball, motoneige, balade en calèche, luge 4s, au pays du mont blanc…

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A horse drawn carriage ride to Julie's farm

Get comfy and cosy in the beautiful horse-drawn carriage whilst you listen to the gentle rhythm of the horse clopping along and enjoy a backdrop of the beautiful Combloux countryside. At the end of the journey, a pleasant “apèro” (pre-meal drink) awaits you, before you enjoy a variety of other regional delicacies.

The Great White North Village and its skating ring

The Great White North Village and its skating ring are set up in front of the tourist office for the winter season.

4 seasons sledging

Slegde at the foot of Jaillet's ski domain. Great entertainment not to be missed at the heart of the village. Keep an eye out for upcoming details!


Discover the scenery of Haute-Savoie as you drive your skidoo through the Grand Massif range with a guide.

Winter sledging area at Cuchet

Enjoy the sensation of sliding down the slopes in a specially designated area. Free of charge to access and use. Children must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times.

Archery Tag

A new game from Australia and which is practised with bows and arrows endowed with a foam tip and with targets placed in the ground.

A Traditional Horse Drawn Carriage

Enjoy a ride in a traditional horse drawn carriage, which will wind its way up through Combloux village, letting you take in the stunning scenery the old fashioned way.

Sortie chien de traineau

Dog sledding for beginners at la Cry

Dog sledding for beginners : sit back and relax in the musher's comfortable sled...and let yourself be guided by an expert and driven by the husky dogs.


Experience paintball and enjoy being in nature. Unforgettable feelings and memories!

Snowmobiles at night

Enjoy driving a snowmobile on the Grand Massif pistes and forest with a guide.

Airsoft back country

The aficionnados of camouflage, retorts and furtive game in natural height will enjoy it. Numerous possibilities will allow you surprise your opponents...