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"Ski and Bike" (Skiset) sports shop

This large sports shop, covering 500m², is located in the village centre. A wide range of skis (touring, alpine, cross-country); snowboards and other winter sports equipment can be found here, as well as a large choice of equipment for walking and mountain biking in summer.

Hervé Crozet joiner

Joinery, woodwork, kitchens layout and diverse furnitures.

Day care centre "Les Copains"

An activity based day care centre, offering half-day or day long child care, or longer options such as for several days or a week.

Ayurveda therapies and body treatments with "La Main sur la Peau"

"Ayurveda" is a way of life, a way of living better as an individual, and in a society. "Ayur" means life, strength. "Veda" means knowledge...of health, life balance, well-being, longevity and philosophy for example. Enjoy a break in a charming alpine chalet and re-energise your life with one of our Ayurvedic courses.

Winter Shuttle

A free shuttle runs every 15 minutes between the village centre and "la Cry" car park (at the bottom of the slopes).

Hâltessentielle: Nerves and articulations massages

Body can heal without any help. We help it accelerating the process. Articulations, reactivity, massages.


"Be Happy", clothes and accessories shop.

Art Painting Workshop Christine VERNEY

Painting workshop in the village centre, in front of the tourist office.

Child-care centre "Les Loupiots"

"Les Loupiots" child-care centre (open during the winter season only) is located at the bottom of the slopes in La Cry, and is suitable for children from the age of 6 months old up to 6 years old. It is open 7 days a week.

Souvenir and present shop "La Marmotte"

Located in the village centre, this shop offers a variety of regional souvenirs and presents.

La Musette du Bec à Fleu

Regional products: cheese, sausage, ham, wine, spirit, honey, jams and grocer's shop.

Bus route: Sallanches - Plaine-Joux

the SAT company is a transportation company for travellers who want to travel on their own or as a group.