The Church and little Chapels of Combloux

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Saint Nicolas baroque church

This Church was completely rebuilt in 1702, in the Baroque style of the Alps, replacing the previous church which stood in its place since the 15th Century. The Church is dedicated to St Nicolas, saint patron of the traders, sailors and children.

The Médonnet Chapel

The Médonnet Chapel, erected in 1637 and dedicated to St François and Notre-Dame, served as a refuge for the villagers against the wolves that roamed wild in the local area.

The Cruet Chapel

The Cruet Chapel was built in 1671 and dedicated to St Roch and St François de Sales, for the protection of the village from the Plague.

The baroque walk, the only one in High Savoy

The baroque path links the Combloux St Nicolas church to the Notre Dame de la Gorge church at Contamines Montjoie, 20km away.

Ormaret Chapel

The Omaret Chapel was constructed in 1495, and dedicated to St Maurice and St Felix, in order to ask for protection of the crops from any hail storms.