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Saint Nicolas baroque church

This Church was completely rebuilt in 1702, in the Baroque style of the Alps, replacing the previous church which stood in its place since the 15th Century. The Church is dedicated to St Nicolas, saint patron of the traders, sailors and children.

Dairy Farm "Le Val Mont-Blanc"

Available directly from the Farm: Dairy products produced by the Paget Family and their 30 cows, including the Tomme, Abondance, Reblochon, Raclette cheeses and yogourt, as well as cuts of meat and a variety of local products.

A horse drawn carriage ride to Julie's farm

Get comfy and cosy in the beautiful horse-drawn carriage whilst you listen to the gentle rhythm of the horse clopping along and enjoy a backdrop of the beautiful Combloux countryside. At the end of the journey, a pleasant “apèro” (pre-meal drink) awaits you, before you enjoy a variety of other regional delicacies.

Tairraz Centre - Crystal Museum

The museum’s completion is the culmination of a collaboration between the Mineralogy Club and the town of Chamonix.

The Calvary Way

The Megève Calvary, with chapels depicting scenes of Christ's Passion and located between the village centre and the Mont d'Arbois Plateau, is one of the only in France to be listed as a European Sacred Mount and Historic Monument.

"An insight into my life on the farm"

The Family Paget’s love for their way of life can be found right at the heart of their farm…which they invite you to visit and be shown around, as they explain to you how they make their cheese, before letting you taste some of their hard work.

Baroque's church of Saint Nicolas

The church of Saint-Nicolas is one of the crown jewels of Alpine Baroque art. It was built during the first half of the 18th Century using funds provided by expatriates and colporteurs going to the German Low Country.

The Médonnet Chapel

The Médonnet Chapel, erected in 1637 and dedicated to St François and Notre-Dame, served as a refuge for the villagers against the wolves that roamed wild in the local area.

Mont-Blanc Tramway

A ride on the Mont-Blanc Tramway is a pretext for adventure... Discover a variety of alpines landscapes along the journey and some of the most views from the top. More than a simple excursion, a true discovery !

Mountain and rural life museum

A house dating from 1750 is home to the museum, recording the mountain way of life via the recreation of a traditional dwelling and displaying everyday objects in their original setting.

Church: Notre Dame de Toute Grâce

Notre Dame de Toute Grace (1950), is the key building to the revival of sacred art in the twentieth century. The masterpieces that decorate the church are signed by the greatest of modern artists.

Exposition : Alpinisme

A place of discovery designed on the basis of electronic and mechanical systems for a unique, playful experience through a long journey in the Alps from former times to today.